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About Sunshine

Designing a new kitchen is like creating a new life. Nothing brings a kitchen together like we do.

We understand that life has certain demands, having a practical and well designed kitchen gives you freedom and accessibility that you desire. Hence we at Sunshine Cabinets and Woodworks understand the way you use your kitchen. Choose from a variety of designs and price ranges to suit all your needs.

We make kitchens while help you make a statement. We help you interpret your style with classic wood; customize it with premium finish, decorative moldings and clever options to make your life easier.

We have expertise in designing, installing or renovating traditional, modern, European and Italian kitchens. Our experts are dedicated to completing your project on time, within your budget and with better than expected results.

We have years of experience planning and executing projects of all kinds. We always ensure that all our jobs are done to the satisfaction of our clients.

Visit our showroom today! Or call 604-599-4955. Whether you need a new kitchen or to remodel an existing one Sunshine Cabinets & Woodworks has exactly what you're looking for. We are the experts when it comes to using of the latest materials, designs and concepts.

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Our process

Our expert designers take measurements and consult to get an idea of what you want from your new kitchen. If you have measurement already we can double-check them.

Our designers design kitchens according to latest trends and technology with latest materials. We take into account your tastes, your family size, your lifestyle and your budget.

All Sunshine kitchens are made-to-order. So your kitchen will be made to your exact requirements. We only begin to make your customized kitchen after your order has been placed.

Installation starts with a technical inspection to make sure we really understand what your installation will involve. Sunshine’s trained installers know our kitchens inside out, so they get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We contact you to check that you’re satisfied with everything. If there is something you’re not happy with, your designer will help you get it sorted out straight away.

We make sure your kitchen is performing exactly as it should. We give you tips for helping to keep your kitchen in great shape for years to come.

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