Richmond, BC is a vibrant city located on the lower mainland of British Columbia. It is home to an array of culture and experiences, from the famous Richmond Night Market to the gorgeous Steveston Village. With its convenient location near Vancouver International Airport, Downtown Vancouver and other nearby cities, Richmond is easily accessible for travelers looking to explore the area. The city is well-known for its diverse population and mix of Asian cuisines, which attract visitors from around the world. With a variety of attractions ranging from shopping centers to parks and beaches, there’s something for everyone in Richmond.


Richmond Hospital


Richmond Hospital is a public hospital located in Richmond, British Columbia. It provides a wide range of healthcare services to the local community, including emergency and acute care, mental health services, aged care services, and specialized programs such as palliative care and cancer treatments. Richmond Hospital also offers an extensive suite of diagnostics services including CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound, and X-ray.


Richmond Nature Park


Richmond Nature Park is a haven for nature lovers in the beautiful British Columbia. This park offers its visitors an amazing array of wildlife and natural beauty, making it one of the most popular outdoor destinations for locals and tourists alike. Located in Metro Vancouver on No. 5 Road, Richmond Nature Park is home to more than 400 species of birds, animals, and plants. Its 125 hectares of trails provide an opportunity to explore its diverse habitats, including tidal marshes, wetlands, forests, and meadows.


Ironwood Plaza


Ironwood Plaza is one of Richmond’s busiest shopping destinations. With over 200 stores, Ironwood Plaza has something for everyone. From clothing and footwear to books and electronics, the mall has it all. The variety of restaurants and cafes make Ironwood Plaza a great place to grab a bite to eat or just hang out with friends. There are also a number of entertainment options, including movie theatres and arcades. With plenty of parking, visitors can easily access Ironwood Plaza and all it has to offer.


Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple


Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple in Richmond, BC is a place of spiritual growth and enlightenment for Sikhs. The temple was established in 1978 and serves the local Sikh community by providing religious guidance and services. It offers classes, lectures, seminars, meditation sessions, and more to help people attain inner peace and harmony with the divine. The temple is also home to a library with books on Sikh teachings, philosophy, and history. Additionally, the temple hosts weekly events such as kirtan (musical devotional services) and langar (free community meals).


IKEA Richmond


IKEA Richmond is a shopping destination for all your home furnishing needs. Located in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, IKEA Richmond has everything you need to create a stylish and comfortable home. From classic furniture pieces to modern appliances, accessories, and decor – IKEA Richmond has something for everyone. With their wide selection of products, friendly staff, and low prices, IKEA Richmond is the perfect place to shop for your home.


The Home Depot


The Home Depot – Richmond, BC is the go-to place for all your home improvement needs. Located in Richmond Centre, it has a wide selection of products to choose from, including lumber and building materials, tools and hardware, plumbing and electrical supplies, paint and decorating items, outdoor living products, kitchen appliances and more. The store also offers installation services and delivery services, so you can get your project done quickly and easily. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, making sure customers have everything they need to complete their projects.


Minoru Centre for Active Living


The Minoru Centre for Active Living in Richmond, BC is committed to providing innovative and inclusive fitness programs that promote healthy lifestyles. The facility, located at the heart of Richmond’s Minoru Park, offers a variety of activities designed for all levels of fitness. For those looking to get in shape or stay active, there are a range of specialized classes, including aquatics, pilates, yoga and dance. Members can also take advantage of the state-of-the art exercise equipment and weight rooms.


SilverCity Riverport Cinemas


SilverCity Riverport Cinemas in Richmond, BC is a movie theatre that offers a great entertainment experience with its state-of-the-art sound and projection technology. The cinema has 11 screens of varying sizes, allowing for the perfect viewing angle no matter where you’re sitting. It also features comfortable seating, as well as convenient snack bars to keep your hunger at bay. The theatre also has 3D capability, allowing viewers to enjoy blockbusters and classic films alike in a whole new dimension.


Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf


Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf is a place like no other in Richmond, BC. Located at the mouth of the mighty Fraser River, this quaint wharf bustles with activity, offering visitors an incredible array of sights and sounds. With its colourful fishing boats bobbing in the water, local vendors selling fresh seafood and produce, and arts & crafts abound, one can’t help but be charmed by its picturesque location.